Cluj Napoca-Romania. A Health City Strategy.

In a city of over 300,000 people almost half of them (around 120,000) are suffering from diseases caused by bad habits, such as smoking, eating unhealthy and mostly living a sedentary life. These are the numbers given by Global Health Organization and the conclusion is that by the year 2030, there will be 23.6 millions of deaths caused by heart failures on a global scale. In Cluj, the Public Health Office have accounted for 118,000 people with heart diseases and the specialists from GHO recommend sustained physical effort to avoid heart complications.
In this situation, it is mandatory a program that is designed to increase the awareness and to make people realize the benefits that exercising is offering. But knowing that just using words will work only for a short period of time, the program `Run for You, Run for Cluj` is aiming also at their emotional side, especially their pride of living in this city. By giving citizens the opportunity to contribute and actually changing the green places in Cluj, the participants can be seen as heroes of their own city. Moreover, they can simultaneously transform themselves and get fit, and also transform their city for the generations to come.
Starting from Plan de Dezvoltare, a new project that will bring people together driven by common goals was created. `Run for You, Run for Cluj` takes into consideration the public and the behavior or their routines: place of work and the hours were first to take into account. Thousands of people work in an office for five or six days a week, with little time and motivation to go to the gym. With this project, we try to fix that by giving them a `running buddy` for competition and also companionship, and rewards for each milestone reached. Beside these, they will be able to show the world what they are working for and how hard via the monitors planted all over the city. Because the level of technology needed to run this campaign is high, this allows us to use specific tools to evaluate and measure the results of the project (Google Analytics for the site created, AppTweak or App Store Optimizations for the app and Facebook Statistics for the Facebook account).