Working with LiveTrail® is :

– An in-depth Live tool for announcer commentating.
– A race headquarters tool allowing for easy management of the race & safety.
– Timing forecasts at intermediary points.
– The possibility to manage a great flux of runners.
– Remote intermediary checkpoints regardless of access and internet connection availability.
– Promotional tool of your trail, putting partners and values in the spotlight. – Simple solution (no software installation needed).
– Reasonable price

What is LiveTrail ® ?

LiveTrail® is a real-time race management system allowing for :
– the organizer to predict fluxes, manage information, detect anomalies .
– the public to follow participants step by step and keep up with the changing rankings directly on the internet .

The runners wear an electronic chip which is read at the start, the various checkpoints, and the finish. LiveTrail® permits management of unlimited timing points in all weather conditions, in cities or in the mountains, with a flux of several dozen runners or a few thousand. The runners’ data is transmitted in real-time at these points via GSM, satellite, or WiFi on an internet server.

Race headquarters has powerful tools at their disposal to guarantee the safety and equity of the race, while at the same time, allowing internet users to follow the race live.
«Floating» timing points (un-announced checkpoints), can be defined by the organizer: the information from these timing points are hence only available to race headquarters.

LiveTrail® is broken down into 3 parts :

Terrain App : To take & process data from different timing points. It is available in Nano version (hand device). Timing mats (from 1 to 7 meters for automatic checkpoints), smartphone or PC (to combine with other systems).
Race headquarters App : 100% accessible via internet to manage race security.
General public App : 100% accessible via internet to follow live and enhance commentary.

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LiveTrail® Advantages

Integration The LiveTrail® tracking site is adapted graphically (banners, background images, colors, event partners) allowing for perfect integration of your communication plan. Graphic customization.

A tracking site in multiple languages for events attracting foreign participants (near borders, or notoriety of the event), the Live tracking site is already in French, English, German, Italian and Spanish. It can be translated into any other language.. International tracking site

Tracking at the heart of the race Volunteers can also use their terrain application (NANO or PC) to follow the race : – listing the top men or women in real-time, – following individual runners by their bib number or their name, – communication with race headquarters via the integrated voicemail system. Race tracking made simple and friendly for volunteers out on the terrain

For a Large Flux of Runners The timing mat system on its own, or coupled with a PC allows automatic detection of the runners no matter what the flux (several dozen per second if necessary). Easy to put in place for checkpoints with a large flux of runners

No specific software needed No specific installation is necessary for the race headquarters nor for informing those present at the finish line: a simple computer connected to the internet is sufficient. Easy to use

Use of a classic timing system It is possible to only use the software and to work in partnership with another timing company who installs their own equipment and sends us the data. This option would require a preliminary study. Flexibility of use

Forecasting time passages Gathering data out on the terrain in real-time regardless of the weather conditions is the basis of live tracking. Pioneers in the domain of internet tracking (since 2003 on the North Face Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc) LiveTrail analyzes and treats the data gathered to propose tools that go beyond the simple tracking of runners crossing checkpoints. Besides informing the announcers and the supporters, who have already expressed their affirmation for its precision and reliability, the LiveTrail® tool of forecasting runners’ passages is the base of the tools for managing the safety and fairness of the race. Thanks to its quality, it contributes greatly to the efficiency of work at race headquarters, like the UTMB® which has used it since its creation. Quality of the service

Lightness, Autonomy The NANO solution is entirely autonomous and hence is the only technical equipment required at each checkpoint. The long-life batteries allow good autonomy. Easy to put in place even in complicated situations (access, network connectivity).

LiveTrail® is ITRA’s technical partner Thanks to the this partnership LiveTrail® has exclusive access to the ITRA database of runners’ historical results. They put this information on the tracking site along with the race favorites (calculated on the basis of the ITRA index). Quality of race information

Smartphone – (New). Whether to add timing points or to fully manage a race without RFID chips, LiveTrail® now offers a smartphone application for registering the time of runners on various timing points. Cost reduction

How LiveTrail® does it work?

An electronic chip is distributed to all participants. At each checkpoint, this chip is read by an electronic system which can be 2 kinds :
– A NANO control gun : It’s a special device made for this kind of usage, like a „racquet”, outdoor, easy to use, with a tactile screen, and with great autonomy. This device can be WiFi , GSM or satellite compliant, in order to transmit the data in real time to the headquarter.
– A more classical timing system (carpet), standalone (directly connected to the Internet via 3G network, WiFi or satellite) or connected to an Access Point with a computer for a better ease of use (withdrawals’ entry, race consulting,…).
– Whatever the chosen device, GSM network is prefered for sending the data. Our transmission app is very light and can work even on 2G networks. However, if no GSM network at all is available, it is possible de work with WiFi or a satellite solution, or other ways permitting to transmit some little data…
– URTime® hardware used and optimized with our own applications
– Network of timekeepers distributors of Livetrail® set up to cover the other countries
– Possibility of studying a way to work with other timer devices provided by local timers.
-> You know at once which participant took the departure.
-> You know at any time which part of the race the participants are into…

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